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Frequently Asked Questions

Rivah Bounce LLC
P.O. Box 58 St. Stephens Ch. VA 23148
Phone: (804) 445-5197 or (804) 443-2505
E-mail: rental@rivahbouncellc.com

If your question is not answered below, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Q.  Who is Rivah Bounce LLC?

A.  We are a family owned and operated business operating in Essex County VA.  Rivah Bounce LLC's first priority is the satisfaction of its customers.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality, safest and most appealing bounce houses/slides in the area. 

Q.  Is Rivah Bounce LLC Insured?

A.  Yes, we are fully insured with the state required liability insurance policy.  A copy of our insurance will be shown to you upon request at the time of your rental.

Q.  Who sets up the bounce house/slide?

A.  Our certified operators deliver, set up, and take down the unit.  Each bounce house/slide is sanitized after each use. 

Q.  Why can't I pick up the bounce house/slide and set it up myself?

A.  Our main concern at Rivah Bounce LLC is safety.  Some companies allow their customers to pick up the unit and take it home and set it up themselves.  However, we do not feel that this is a good idea.  Rivah Bounce LLC evaluates the site, uses appropriate stake and straps to secure the unit to the ground, and brings to your attention some safety issues, which sometimes may go unnoticed. Our insurance company mandates that our certified operators set it up.

Q.  What is Rivah Bounce LLC's inclement weather policy?

A.  Rain and high winds are the two most common types of inclement weather, which require deflation of the unit and the right to cancel your reservations.  If local weather forecasts are calling for rain or winds exceeding 20 mph on the day of your rental, Rivah Bounce LLC may have to cancel your reservation for safety concerns.  If rain arrives after the unit is set up, it must be deflated and all electrical connections should be disconnected.  If the rain stops the unit can be re-inflated to resume use.  DO NOT use the unit if it is wet as wet vinyl becomes very slippery and unsafe. If conditions are not too severe we will give you the option of keeping the unit or not.  If you decide to keep the unit for the term of the rental agreement, there will be no refunds!

Q.  How many kids can bounce at one time?

A.  Age Group Maximum Capacity

    Children 8 & Under: 10

    Children 9 to 12: 6-8

    Teens 13 to 16: 4-5

    Over 17: 4

Slides allow only one rider per slide

Q.  Can a bounce house be set up inside?

A.  Yes, some our units can be set up indoors.  Ceiling height should be at least 20 feet high.  A school, church, gymnasium, or auditorium provides plenty of room.

Q.  Must a bounce house/slide be set up on grass if outside?

A.  No, we can put the unit on blacktop or parking lots but we prefer grass, as it is safer for the children and easier on the unit.

Q.  How much room is needed?

A.  A 18 ft. by 18 ft. area free of debris and overhead obstruction such as wires and tree branches is necessary.

Q.  Is there paperwork involved in renting from Rivah Bounce LLC?

A.  Yes, the customer must sign a rental agreement stating that he or she understands the terms of the agreement and has received a copy of and understands the rules of the unit.

Q.  Is a deposit required?

A.  Yes, a $50.00 deposit is required for reservation.  The deposit is only refundable when Rivah Bounce LLC has to cancel with the customer. 

Q.  How does the bounce house/slide stay inflated?

A.  Once the unit is laid out and unrolled we inflate it with an enclosed blower motor designed specifically for that particular unit.  The blower runs the entire time the unit is in use.  There are no exposed moving parts on the motor, which is an important safety feature and should always be considered when renting an inflatable. 
The motor must be located within 100 ft of an electrical outlet, preferably a 20-amp circuit.

Q.  What if the bounce house/slide starts to deflate with kids inside?

A.  An adult must be present at all times when the unit is in use.  A unit can suddenly deflate for several reasons such as a tripped circuit breaker, an accidental unplugging of the power cord, or a power outage.  The unit takes approximately 30 seconds to deflate therefore the adult should NOT panic.  Have the kids exit the unit quickly and safely.  If the unit falls inward and kids are still inside, the roof can be removed by undoing the velcro straps exposing the kids and allowing for a safe exit.

Q.  Does Rivah Bounce LLC set up for any type of event?

A.  If you invite us, we will come!  A unit is perfect for any function involving kids whether it be a birthday party, block party, church function, company picnic, daycare facility, school event or anything else you could think of.  We at Rivah Bounce LLC guarantee that a BOUNCE HOUSE/SLIDE will provide hours of entertainment, no matter what the occasion.